Watch Live Sport At Pie & Ale

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Since our establishment, we have been the ultimate destination for enjoying a wide range of sporting events in our spacious Beer Hall. Whether it's Premier League or Champions League football, the 6 Nations or the Rugby World Cup, or even the excitement of the Super Bowl, you can count on us to showcase it.

We take pride in creating an inclusive environment for fans to come together and share the thrill of the game, even when rivalries run deep. Our friendly atmosphere adds to the excitement, making the experience truly palpable.

We strongly recommend booking your table in advance, especially for major events like Derby Day, as our capacity tends to fill up quickly. Additionally, please feel free to inquire about specific matches in advance. We may not be able to accommodate every game, and there are certain events we won't feature.

Click the link below to secure your table, and don't forget to specify the match you're eager to watch to ensure you don't miss out on the action!